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Product Code: ZLTP
147.11 (including) VAT @ 23%

• Rope compatibility: diameter: 13 mm or less
• Cable compatibility: diameter: 12 mm or less
• Sheave diameter: 27,5 mm
• Maximum working load: 24 kN
• Weight: 270 g
• Certification(s): CE EN 12278


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Chain & Rope Suppliers Ltd have a wide range of zipline products including zip line Petzl trollies. Our petzl zipline trollies have stainless steel sheaves which equates to excellent durability. The sheave is mounted on a sealed ball bearing for excellent efficiency.  


The zip line trolley or cable pulley is the component that the user connects to via a carbine clip, and which runs along the zip wire. It is important when choosing a zip line trolley you choose one which will fit the rope you are using correctly. The trolley is a tandem trolley with two grooved sheaves inside for the rope to run on. The zip line trolley is simple to use. Place the open side of the zip line cable pulley onto the zip wire, secure yourself to the trolley and the trolley to the zip line by attaching a carbine hook. Go! Depending on how many people are using the zip line you may decide to pull the trolley back to the start each run. Alternatively,  have a few zip line trolleys so each user can unhook theirs when their run is finished and return to the start with trolley in hand. This approach means other zip line users are not waiting for the first user to return the trolley.

Typically Chain and Rope Suppliers include one zip line trolley in each zip line kit. Additional pulleys are available if necessary.


For more information please contact our contact page or call us on (01) 457 0021

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