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Zipline Brake
Zipline Brake
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Product Code: 3MMBS
246.75 (including) VAT @ 23%

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• Rubber buffer to reduce speed of trolley
• Stainless steel spiral brake spring length 3m (10ft)
• Clamped onto 10mm cable to prevent impact of user with end structure/tree
• Products always to be mounted according to EN 1176 Part 1 & 4


Ships within 2 business days



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In order to slow the zip line down before it hits the lower upright many people use a breaking system. Zip line brake systems come in many formats. Some designers use springs, wood or tyres. The zipline showcased above is a unique stainless steel spiral spring brake which can be clamped on to the end of a structure and your zipline. The trolley buffer and spiral spring form an excellent brake for a zipline. 


For more information please contact our sales team via our contact page or call us on (01) 457 0021

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