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Home »Hoisting & Winching » 0.5 TONNE SCREW PUSH TROLLEY SUIT FOR 58-220MM BEAM


Size: 58mm-220mm Lifting Capacity: 0.5 Tonne
Product Code: 0.5TSPT
207.59 (including) VAT @ 23%

0.5 Tonne screw push trolley. *Suitable for a 58mm-220mm beam*


Ships within 2 business days



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Beam trolleys or manual push trolleys are a cheap and easy way of moving heavy loads. Beam trolleys consist of a carriage complete with wheels which grips I beams, rsj, or universal columns. The trolley is tightened onto the beam using opposing threads or a washer set up. Once the beam trolley is secured onto the flange of the beam it is free to roll along the underside of the beam. On the lowest point of the manual push trolley is a suspension point which can be used to attach all kinds of hoist equipment supplies including a lever hoist, a chain block a wire rope hoist or a Tirfor. Alternatively a polyester websling, a chain sling or wire rope sling can be suspended from the manual push trolley.

Our beam trolleys are available in capacities from 0.5t to 5t as standard. We also have the skills and expertise to fabricate and certify our own manual push trolleys including stainless steel manual push trollies. Chain and rope Suppliers also have a hire fleet of manual push trollies and on occasion have used beam trollies for sale.


If you have any queries, feel free to contact us on our contact page or call us on: (01) 457-0021

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